Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My otherwise intelligent level-headed nine-year old Grandson keeps saying he wants a dog; well actually it’s a puppy he desires because puppies according to him are easy to take care of, because they’re small and cuddly.  However, his mother, my daughter, has continued to say “no.”  Because in her opinion having a puppy is like parenting a four-legged child, which can be not only a joy, but a stressful burden as well; and she has no desires to mother a four-legged untrained-addition.   Surprisingly she is now reconsidering her decision about getting a pet, following a trip to Chicago, where she discovered Happiness is Pets.  She did some research, and luckily for her the staff at Happiness is Pets were able to assist her with all of her concerns; including learning how often, how much, and what to feed a puppy.
Happiness is Pets specializes in puppies and is designed to help their customer find the perfect puppy.  They only sell puppies, and since their beginning, they've been committed to finding the highest quality breeders to assure that the pups they sell are healthy and well adjusted.
She learned that in addition to being the largest selection of puppies in the Chicago area,  Happiness is Pets also features a full line of dog toys, accessories, grooming supplies and food.   And that there are quite a number of reasons to choose Happiness is Pets, here's just a short list:
  • They’re known for their high quality, healthy puppies.
  • They offer easy terms: you can pay for your pup over 3-12 months with 0% interest.
  • They have the best health warranty in the industry
    (Full year for congenital defects)
  • They provide FREE veterinary exam for the first 14 days you own the puppy
  • All their pups have Avid ID microchips
  • They offer FREE obedience training lessons
By the way, if your pet provider doesn’t offer the above services, perhaps you should be contacting  Happiness is Pets.
But before you jump all-in, keep in mind, as with a child it will sometimes become necessary for you to be away from your pet, when that time comes you don’t want to risk leaving your pet’s well-being to fate. So if you don’t already have a pet-sitter, it may be advisable to find one by contacting the following professional associations: National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International.   I 'm almost certain my daughter will want me to become a care-giver to the pet she and my grandson select, but I can assure you I will recommend that she get a professional pet-sitter for everyone's sake.


  1. All these puppies are from puppy mills. Just google Steve Kruse, their main breeder, (puppy miller). Do your research!
    10/30/2009 at 4:14pm

  2. Laura,
    It is unfortunate that you may have encountered a bad experience with your puppy purchase, and I respect your need to voice your opinion on the subject. As I respect Happiness is Pets desire to operate a business. Please note, that the required research was performed for this particular post and the other 2,000 favorable posts regarding this subject.

    Additionally, it is my understanding that, Happiness is Pets is proud to offer a healthy warranty on all their puppies:

    If within the first 14 days after purchase your pup comes down with a cold or similar ailment, they will also cover the cost of treatment at any of their approved veterinary clinics. If required, they will continue to provide treatment at no cost to you until the situation is corrected.
    In addition, all of their puppies come with a one year health warranty that covers any life-threatening congenital defect.
    If you would like a copy of their health warranty, please click here.

    Hopefully, you were successful in finding puppies to fill your home with love.

    11/02/2009 at 9:38pm