Friday, November 13, 2009

The Marvelous Scent On A Fresh Cut

fresh flowers
I have an incredible fondness for fresh Flowers there is nothing like the look and smell of a colorful bunch (aka bouquet) of fresh cut flowers.  The way a vase of flowers enhance a room is breathe taking, they help to keep that summer sunshine and springtime glow constant throughout your home.  They not only brighten an otherwise dull room, they also serve as a natural air freshener for any bathroom.  If I had my way, a vase of flowers would adorn every room in my home, everyday.  It amazes, amuses, and saddens me a bit when I hear women complaining that their husband, spouse, or significant other didn’t buy them flowers for their birthday, anniversary, or some other named occasion.
Whenever I feel the desire to spruce up the house or my spirits, I make a trip to the florist , or simply pick up the phone and order an arrangement or two.  And I don’t see any reason anyone should have to wait for someone else to surprise them with flowers.  Sure, it’s always nice to get an unexpected gift – cash works for me.  But something produced by nature needs no special occasion to be given or received.  So if you want flowers, get flowers – even if you have to get them for yourself.  Or, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather give flowers than receive them, remember, fresh cut flowers aren’t just for the holidays or to cheer up the sick.  They are a delight anytime or for any reason, and whether you buy them at the store or you get them out of your own personal garden, they're always a joy to the person that receives them.
Here’s another suggestion, periodically send yourself a bouquet of flowers to your job, you’ll be amazed at how easily fresh cut flowers can transform the ambiance of a routinely dull environment, while at the same time putting you in a pleasant mood – can you say, better productivity.  
You or that special person you know, deserve the marvelous scent of a fresh cut, so why not get your Flowers from one of the best, and save at the same time with a “free” coupon1800Flowers coupon that you can use immediately on your order at checkout.

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