Friday, February 5, 2010

Jerry Murdock Full-Service Insurance Agency

Jerry Murdock Insurance AgencyJerry Murdock operates an independent full-service insurance agency, specializing in many types of insurance coverage.  An independent agent is one who works as an agent for a variety of different insurers.  As such, an independent can produce policies from several insurers and offer some comparisons of different insurance policies with access to several different companies, allowing the consumer the ability to compare.  Therefore, it only makes sense that independent agents like Jerry Murdock, should work for the customer to find the best coverage to fit the customer’s needs at the most competitive price possible. 

During the trying times of today’s economy it is essential for consumers to get the most for their hard earned money, and in order to do so, consumers need to armed themselves with all the available resources at their disposal in order to make an informed decision.  Since quite a few consumers are strapped with hectic schedules and limited time for comparison shopping, an independent agent may be the answer to eliminated the guess work; because an independent agent such as, Jerry Murdock can offer some comparisons of different insurance policies, again allowing the consumer the ability to compare and make an informed decision.

Jerry Murdock’s Insurance Agency is not only a full-service insurance agency but offers risk management services as well, for both commercial and personal clients, and have been doing so since 1993.   Because Jerry Murdock Insurance is committed to the customer, their focus is on building strong relationships with their customers through practical solutions and excellent service, and they are quite proud to have been able to provide insurance and financial solutions to more than 2,000 individuals, families and businesses. 

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