Friday, October 2, 2009

Epsilon Investment Management Invest In Boca Raton

When most people think of Boca Raton, they generally think of warm tropical weather, posh villas, private mansions, exclusive yacht clubs, lazily days, and the like.  With successful businesses like, Epsilon Investment Management who’ve chosen to locate themselves in Boca Raton, the city enjoys a great reputation among tourists and is known for being pedestrian-friendly with its promenade.  So if you’re lucky enough to take advantage of the Ooohs and Aaash of Boca Raton, you just might find some amazing investment opportunities along the way; with Epsilon Investment Management, one of the companies that have taken advantage of the geographic advantages of being part of the thriving city.

Boca Raton is situated in Palm Beach County, Florida.  New roads and landscaping are a part of the city’s redevelopment to attract tourists and become an even more frequent destination area for residents and tourist.  However, even successful companies like Epsilon Investment Management must be careful as Boca Raton has a strict development code, including the size and types of commercial buildings, building signs and advertisements which may be erected within the city limits.  Additionally, no billboards are permitted in the city.  Corporations such as McDonald's have subdued their Golden Arches due to the code.  The unincorporated areas still contain restaurants with the classic arches, but the heights of the signs have also been reduced.  Codes or not,  Boca Raton is a wise investment, both socially and financially.

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