Friday, October 2, 2009

RENEW International Fostering Spiritual Renewal


When I became a Stephen Minister a few years ago through Ebenezer Baptist Church, I was excited and elated, to be a part of a system that offered its congregation caregivers that provided one-to-one Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, divorced, unemployed, and others in and around the congregation facing a crisis or life challenge.

Although I was impressed that Stephen Ministry congregations had a way of blending social sciences with a distinctively Christian approach to caring and relating; I also wondered if other denotations or affiliations offered the same or similar services or opportunities to their congregations.   My concerns were put to rest when I learned through a business acquaintance about RENEW International, a Roman Catholic ministry which provides dioceses with the structure, training, and resources to administer and empower individuals and communities to encounter and include God in their everyday life,  RENEW fosters spiritual renewal in the Catholic tradition.   RENEW International has helped over 150 archdioceses and has worked to provide programs and materials to help each diocese meet their annual goals.   RENEW has touched the lives of over 25 million people through its ministry services in both the United States and in 23 countries around the world.

RENEW International, helps the entire dioceses to become a more loving community that is more sensitive and responsive to people’s needs.  Through these efforts the dioceses discover that many individuals want to be involved in a meaningful ministry.  RENEW also has an Online Store, and offers quite a number of free downloads from their  Bookstore.

Its refreshing to know that both the Stephen Ministry and RENEW International have something so very much in common, and that is helping its congregations provide quality caring ministry for as long as people need it.


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