Friday, October 2, 2009

Muhammad Babangida Makes A Huge Gallop

polo horse & rider

Muhammad Babangida a Nigerian businessman made a huge gallop in the business world and more; as special advisor to the joint operation committee (JOC) Santa Isabel Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Company (CNPCI). Muhammad Babangida is responsible for negotiating and coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies on behalf of Santa Isabel in the African Nation of Equatorial Guinea where Santa Isabel operates.
Muhammad Babangida is an executive with diverse interests in oil and gas, banking and real estate.  He lives in Niger State, Nigeria with his wife and children.  His Interests and hobbies include:  Jazz, assorted music including R&B, reading, and he is an enthusiastic sportsman and is an accomplished polo player and member of the Kaduna Polo Club.
After returning to Nigeria in 1994 Muhammad Babangida served the mandatory National Youth Service Corp for one year. Thereafter, he formed a group of companies that are actively involved in oil and gas, banking, IT, security services, property management and stock trading. He was appointed Director In 1998 of Intercity Bank Plc and served on the Board Credit Committee as Chairman and also served as a member of the ICT committee until 2004. Later he became a member of the Committee of Directors representing nine merging banks with the task of conducting financial, legal, corporate and HR due diligence. This was successfully done and in 2006, nine banks became one that is now called UNITY BANK Plc.

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