Friday, October 2, 2009

Gina Penzarella One Of A Kind

A number of women struggle with self-esteem issues.  Especially true as they begin to age, have children, see their bodies change, and they therefore become content in their relationships.  However, this is definitely not the case with Gina Penzarella. Gina Penzarella - left pic
Gina Penzarella is owner of Footlights & Co. Inc. Boutique, a premier retail-bridal fashion vendor in Gina Penzarella - right picEaston, Pennsylvania.  And for over two decades, Gina Penzarella has dedicated her energy toward serving the needs of Easton’s fashion conscious female customers.      Penzarella’s uncanny ability to recognize the latest trends, as well as a keen eye for true glamor, has distinguished her boutique as one of the top retailers for bridal and special occasion fashion in the area; as well as establishing herself as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.
Gina's boutique Footlights & Co.,  is also one of the favorite prominent names and destinations for young ladies looking for the most unique and up to date styles for prom season.  Her customers appreciate that Gina is always willing to go the extra mile to please her customers.  For example, when it comes to prom dresses, Gina Penzarella will only sell one type of dress to each school, ensuring that each student dress is unique to their prom, and that they will never be embarrassed by seeing someone else in the same dress.
After over 20 years of providing dresses for special occasions to the Lehigh Valley Community, Gina Penzarella continues to own and manage the shop, which has grown to be one of the leading bridal shops in Lehigh Valley.
Aside from running, managing, and aiding customers in her Footlights & Co. Inc. Boutique, she contributes to Defenders of Wildlife, arranges fashion shows to benefit the local SPCA and various Catholic charities across the community., is a member of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and gardens, which she writes about on her blog, “Gina Penzarella on Gardening.”


  1. C Solutions2:48 PM EST

    The one of a kind prom dresses is a great idea, but I bet a one of a kind price tag goes along with it. I find it odd that Gina blogs on gardening and not fashion, but oh well.

  2. Yes, it’s pretty interesting that Gina has chosen to blog about gardening, but most people do write about what they know and have a passion for, and she has a passion for gardening. As for fashion, it pretty much speaks for itself which is perhaps why she didn’t chose to blog about it.
    You’d have to check out Footlights for more information concerning pricing and availability.
    Thanks for reading.