Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gina Penzarella The Fashionable Gardener

A Garden is where one’s flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated and presented in a fashionable public display for all to see. Gardening can be a tulipsrelaxing hobby for some and a way of life for others. It can be a scenic arrangement for the eye to behold. It can be therapeutic to the heart, body and soul. Either way, the popularity for gardening has grown, and along with it so has the resources to help the would-be gardener to the green-thumb expert. Information and resources range from where to buy, how to plant, to formal arrangements and landscaping.

Gina Penzarella the owner of Footlights & Co. Inc. Boutique, a premier retail-bridal fashion vendor in Easton, Pennsylvania.  A fashion designer with an uncanny ability to recognize the latest trends, and knows a bit about presentation has manage to incorporate her keen eye for glamour into gardening as well making her the perfect blend of a fashionable gardener. She not only tends her own garden but, Gina Penzarella also host a blog about gardening – she shares her tips and thoughts on gardening which for her has evolved into one of the most fulfilling and relaxing activities that an individual can perform at home.

Gina Penzarella - right pic Gina’s boutique Footlights & Co., is also one of the favorite prominent names and destinations for young ladies looking for the most unique and up to date styles for prom season. Gina Penzarella has dedicated her energy toward serving the needs of Easton’s fashion conscious female customers.   And she offers the same dedication when providing gardening tips to her readers, always going that extra mile to provide relevant tips for gardening success.

Aside from running, managing, and aiding customers in her Footlights & Co. Inc. Boutique, she contributes to Defenders of Wildlife, arranges fashion shows to benefit the local SPCA and various Catholic charities across the community, is a member of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, and gardens, which she writes about on her blog, “Gina Penzarella on Gardening.”

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