Thursday, October 15, 2009

Steve Stevanovich Supports The Work of the Stevanovich Center & The Strength of Financial Mathematics

Stevanovich Center for financial mathematics

Today, with the attention on new boundaries for economic and financial dealings, it’s essential to secure quality information and knowledge from experienced professionals such as,  Steve Stevanovich and academic circles like the Stevanovich Center, which advances the understanding of the increasingly complex world of financial markets by integrating mathematics, statistics, and economics.

Business professionals such as,  Steve Stevanovich and others know; as the market continues to change and experience occasional extremes carefully evaluating & protecting oneself from risk remains a vital part of the financial landscape.  The University of Chicago's Masters Program in Financial Mathematics is designed to provide students with the skills and judgment to do just that.  At the heart of the program is a unique faculty of distinguished professors and highly experienced professionals, who believe that their experience in this very difficult market environment, and acceptance accorded their students, is testament to their dedicated program.

It just makes sense for the academic world to not only edify the essentials of financial mathematics but to also infuse integrity & dedication  into their students who will eventually make their place in the business world toward becoming a reputable Financial Services Professional like,  Steve Stevanovich who like other professionals know that respect is the backbone of business success.  And it’s good to know that the unique role of the Stevanovich Center’s financial math program is its twin inputs of scientifically based research and practice in financial markets, and why the participation of professionals in the markets is a key element of its success.

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