Thursday, October 29, 2009

Philanthropist of The Roundtable, Frank J. Hanna III

If you ever have the need or desire to learn the true meaning of money – look to the man behind that very concept .  With credentials far too impressively lengthy to list, Frank J. Hanna III has a vast amount of knowledge on the meaning of money.

Frank-Hanna Frank J. Hanna III, A leading Catholic philanthropist, entrepreneur, co-founder of the Solidarity Foundation, and author, clearly lays out the meaning of money in his new book, "What Your Money Means and How to Use It Well." The book presents Hanna's perspective on healthy attitudes towards money and his advice about philanthropic strategies.

Frank J. Hanna, III is not only a merchant banker in Atlanta; and CEO of Hanna Capital, LLC but is also heavily involved in philanthropic ventures.  Hanna’s religious philanthropy is a model for donors of many faith traditions. He has helped found three Catholic schools in Atlanta, is a national leader in school reform, and his philanthropic work and pioneering efforts helped produce Georgia's first charter school law. Frank J. Hanna III has even served on the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Frank was honored in 2007 by The Philanthropy Roundtable as the recipient of the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership.  Mr. Hanna is also the founder of the Solidarity Foundation, which has been instrumental in many charitable efforts. Among other efforts, He is a trustee of the Papal Foundation, which supports worldwide charitable endeavors under the direction of the Pope. He also donated the world's oldest extant copy of the Gospels of Luke and John and then gave it to the Vatican.

Frank Hanna III is a man of values and practices what he preaches in his everyday life, he continually gives back to the community; he is a former Sunday School teacher and has coached Little League soccer and basketball.  He received his BBA and JD degrees from the University of Georgia. Growing up around his father's real estate business help prepare Frank for the business world, which proved to be a good foundation for his many business achievements; including: Serving as CEO of administrative services firm HBR Capital, Ltd. since 1992; CEO of investment firm Hanna Capital, LLC since 2006, Director of the Atlanta-based CompuCredit Corporation since 1999; and he was one of three entrepreneurs profiled in the Acton Institute's documentary film, The Call of the Entrepreneur.

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